Glaucoma Care - Asssessment and Diagnostics

Glaucoma is the name given to a range of conditions in which people experience nerve damage, usually with increased pressure within the eyeball, leading to permanent and irreversible damage to the optic nerve, with eventual blindness if left untreated.



Assessment and Diagnostics

Visit our state of the art facilities, the GLAUCOMA DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE, and the GLAUCOMA TREATMENT CENTRE, and receive the best in glaucoma care. At LondonOC, we recognise the importance of a comprehensive & correct diagnosis, and so we include 8 specialist examinations in our glaucoma check, and not just the usual 2 or 3 we have come to expect from most other clinics.

LondonOC use the latest technology to monitor Glaucoma: We include applanation pressure check, dynamic gonioscopy, and stereoscopic funduscopy in all examinations, plus we offer:

• Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and GDx Scans
These are used to obtain clear scanned images of the Retinal and Optic nerves, so we can see in amazing detail the structures involved in order to monitor glaucoma like never before. This allows our eye surgeons to measure the size of your nerve, and ensure that any abnormal change is detected quickly, before any damage appears in your vision. 

• Ocular Blood Flow measurements:
Latest research has shown clearly that patients with glaucoma have reduced blood flow (oxygen) in the optic nerve, and we now have the technology to monitor this effectively.

• Corneal Pachymetry (Thickness): 
The thickness of the cornea has been shown to influence eye pressure readings, and Corneal Pachymetry takes account of this. As a result, the readings are more accurate and this ensures your eye pressure (IOP) readings are always correct.

• Ziess Humprey visual field tests:
The latest “Short Wave Analysis Perimetry” software (SWAP: yellow-blue light) allows glaucoma to be detected up to 5 years earlier than was previously possible.

Having a regular eye test can pick up on eye conditions like glaucoma. It can be some time before people suffering with glaucoma even realise due to the fact that it begins on the outer eye and progresses inwards. A glaucoma eye test might be useful in detecting signs of the condition and therefore treating it early. Requesting a glaucoma eye test can ultimately check for the condition and determine the level to which any damage has been caused. Understanding how much the glaucoma has developed could inform the best course of treatment and prevent further damage to the eyes.

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