Glaucoma Care - Surgery: Non penetrating + new techniques.

XEN micro tube drainage surgery: New 2 minute procedure with no stitches or cuts, whilst being more effective than other micro implants in most glaucoma conditions. The xen utilises the same principles as the effective gold standard Trabeculectomy or Tube procedure but without the pain or stitches or complications.


Surgery: Non penetrating + new techniques

LondonOC provides the following treatments for Glaucoma:

• Xen implant
a 6mm microtube with no cuts or stitches in the conjunctiva and performed with just drops in under 5 minutes. This micro tube is so small and effective it has revolutionised glaucoma surgery allowing us to simplify the procedure and still have the benefits of safe, long lasting drainage.

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• Glaucoma Drainage Surgery
Using powerful anti-scarring agents, and releasable stitches, Glaucoma Drainage Surgery is a proven method to give you optimal results. Our glaucoma specialist consultant surgeons will guide you on which procedure will give you the best pressure control, and all surgeries can be performed under local anaesthetic so you are able to go home on the same day as the surgery.

• Trabeculectomy- modified with minimally invasive techniques providing safer & quicker surgery with microtube implants, achieving high success rates and faster recovery. NEW EXPRESS SHUNTS to lower pressure -effective & safe.

• Canaloplasty
This is a new procedure which uses safer non-penetrating techniques to open up the drainage canal without ever entering the eye. These new techniques which allow safe and effective surgical treatment for high eye pressures are available at LondonOC under the care of our consultant glaucoma surgeon, Mr. V. Sharma.

• iStent- new drainage device which safely lowers pressure the natural way without having to cut into the skin (conjunctiva) so reducing the risk of scarring or failure. A quick and effective way of lowering pressure, with less trauma to the eye than conventional surgery.

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