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يقع مركز عيادة طب العيون المرموق في قلب الحي الطبي في لندن المعروف عالميا، عند تقاطع شارع هارلي مع شارع كوين آن حيث تقدم خدمات الرعاية بناء على طلب المراجعين القادمين من كافة انحاء العالم!

No Needles Cataract Surgery

A Cataract is the name given to the natural lens inside the eye when it has become cloudy. Read more…

Multifocal Lens Implant

Intraocular (Implantable) Contact Lens and Multifocal / Refractive Lens Exchange. Read more…

Ant-VEGF & ViP Lens Macula

Retina and Macula. New Lenses (IOLs) for macular degeneration – ViP. LMI, IMT Lens. Read more…

Equipment & Lens Diagnostics

Our investment in technology shows no limits and we will ensure you have access to all. Read more…

Ophthalmic Health Check

Having an eye test at least once every two years should be part of everyone’s health care. Read more…

Glaucoma Treatments

Glaucoma is the name given to a range of conditions in which people experience nerve damage. Read more…


Our prestigious & exclusive surgical centre is based in the heart of London’s world famous medical district, at the junction of Harley Street and Queen Anne Street, providing bespoke care for patients all over the world.


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We have now moved to new premises on Queen Anne Street (nearby the junction with the famous Harley Street)

The Surgery

    • Address: 18 Queen Anne Street, 1st Floor,
      Queen Anne Street Medical Centre, W1G 8HU, UK
    • Phone: 020 7000 3193
    • Email:

Surgery Hours

    • Monday – Friday 9am to 7pm / Saturday & Sunday – Closed

Parking Here

    • Congestion charge applies and meter parking £4 / hour 9am to 7pm