Cataract Surgery at London OC

What is a Cataract?

A Cataract is the name given to the natural lens inside the eye when it has become cloudy or less clear in appearance. A common misconception is that the cataract is like a “film” or “skin” that has grown over the eye, and this simply is not true. In actual fact, if you are suffering from a cataract, then the lens itself has gone cloudy and this can occur due to age, trauma, diabetes, or genetics to name a few causes.

You can chose to have treatment at any stage of cataract development- gone are the days where you had to wait for the cataract to be ‘ripe’! In fact people with spectacles are asking for surgery earlier, even before the cataract develops, so they too can benefit from permanent, full range vision- all without specs!

Cataract Surgery:

Modern Day Surgery can effectively remove the cataract and insert a new lens implant in a procedure that in most cases lasts no longer than 10 minutes and does not require injections. At LondonOC, our skilled ophthalmic surgeons use only the best techniques, such as topical anaesthesia, keeping you comfortable without the need for injections. We utilise the latest keyhole surgery (without stitches) and remove the cataract using state of the art, ultrasound machines.

We now offer the latest micro incision Femto – LASER assisted lens surgery where appropriate!

Our Ultrasonic machines are the latest dual pump machines which give the surgeon unsurpassed control during the procedure. The Bausch & Lomb Millennium Microsurgical System with its phaco-burst technology reduces the total amount of ultrasonic energy delivered to the eye during phaco-emulsification. These improvements lower the risk of thermal or physical injury to the cornea and incision site. With this machine the latest methods are available here at LondonOC, including bimanual phaco-emulsification, where the incision site is merely 1.8mm wide (standard is 4.1mm). Again, our phaco hand pieces use the most advanced bimanual technology for new hyper “cool” techniques, further reducing heat during the procedure.

At LondonOC, not only do we offer the best in technology, but we combine this with the personal care from your surgeon. The surgeon himself will see you for consult, any pre-op measurements, and of course the surgery. You will have direct contact details, and your surgeon will guide you through the post operative period, as required. All our surgeons are lead consultant specialists who teach surgery in London’s teaching hospitals, so you know you are in the safest of hands. We do not use any technicians or opticians in your medical care – only 100% care delivered by consultant surgeons!

Call the clinic for a consultation to find out more – tel. 020 7000 3193 Mon-Fri 9-5

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