Choose Your Lens?

Choosing the Right Lens: NEW generation HD Trifocal and Bifocal lens implants offering life long quality vision.

Choose Your Lens?

The artificial lens chosen especially for your eye will give you clear vision for the rest of your life. Your eye surgeon will advise you on the most suitable lenses available and you will have a choice. For example, you may opt for a lens that gives you clear vision in the distance and near (reading), called a multi-focal lens, which could mean no more specs required – for life.

We offer new multifocal toric and prismatic lenses, correcting all types of refractive error, including new SULCOFLEX multifocal lenses for people who have had cataract surgery in the past with a standard lens, but now wish to upgrade to a premium multifocal lens. This safe procedure is simple, taking approx 5 minutes, under topical anaesthesia. See below for more details.

For patients with poor vision, and where previously it was said ‘nothing can be done’, now have the option of micro-telescope implants giving new powerful imagery to patients with diseased retina.

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