How Glaucoma Affects Your Eyesight?

Visual problems are one of the most common symptoms of glaucoma and if the condition is not treated it can lead to permanent impairment and sight loss. Glaucoma is actually responsible for one in ten cases of visual impairment in the UK, so your glaucoma treatment at the London clinic could help to save your eyesight.

The Cause of Sight Loss

When you have glaucoma, the fluid inside your eye isn’t able to drain away as quickly as it should. The excess fluid builds up, increasing the pressure inside your eye. If the pressure gets high enough it can damage your optic nerve and the smaller nerves that connect it to your retina. Once this damage happens, it can’t be reversed, so it is important to get your glaucoma treatment in London started as soon as possible. The treatment can prevent any further sight loss from happening.

Visual Symptoms of Glaucoma

Loss of vision is one of the most common and worrying symptoms of glaucoma. When glaucoma causes eyesight problems they can include misty vision, seeing rainbow-like rings or halos around lights, and progressive loss of vision in one or both eyes. Glaucoma often affects both eyes, but it doesn’t always progress at the same rate in both eyes, so you might notice problems in one eye first.

If you notice any of these symptoms you should get your eyes tested, but it is a good idea to have regular eye tests even if you haven’t noticed any problems. The visual problems caused by glaucoma can develop so slowly that you might not notice what is happening at first. They also tend to begin around the outer edges of your vision before slowly progressing in towards the centre, so the symptoms can be easy to miss as they might not have much of an impact on your life. Getting a regular eye test can ensure that these symptoms are spotted as early as possible so that you can start glaucoma treatment in London.

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