How To Wash You Eyes In Space

Despite its terrifying appearance, these goggles have been designed to help astronauts see better in space. All it requires to work is eyewash solution, a pump and a willing test subject.

The goggles have been designed to clear flecks of dust and other particles from an astronaut’s vision while on board the International Space Station. In zero gravity, all manner of substances could be floating around in the air, from dust flakes to sweat.

If something gets into an astronaut’s eye, it’s difficult to get it out because rinsing it under running water is impossible. Also, the ISS doesn’t have running tap water and if it did, the stream would float away in expanding bubbles of silvery liquid.

Esa astronaut Alexander Gerst tests the space eyewash goggles at Nasa¿s Johnson Space Center in Houston

To combat the problem, engineers have come up with the eye-wash goggles as seen on the picture below worn by ESA astronaut, Alexander Gerst at NASA Johnson Space Centre in Houston. The goggles are connected to a specially formulated solution that is pumped around the eyes.

About the goggles Gerst said; ‘It does not feel weird but on the contrary it is good to know that we have these items on board.’

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