Retina Surgery and Treatments in London

At the London Ophthalmology Centre, our Medical Retina Experts are at the forefront of many research trials that are undertaken each year in London. Our ongoing commitment to the research and development of new technologies allows our ophthalmologists to skillfully handle the treatment of many retinal conditions in the best way possible.

• New Lenses (IOLs)  for macular degeneration –

ViP : A micro telescope implant to give better magnification and image details for patients with macular degeneration. Click here for more details.

Intraocular lenses

LMI IOL: Using a system of mirrors to project the image to a healthier part of the retina, this sophisticated lens implant has the advantage of using only one lens (thus not altering the anatomy of the eye) and the benefit of higher magnifications.

IMT Lens – new mini- telescopic lens for advanced disease click on the link for further information.

• Anti VEGF Treatments for Macula and Retinal Vascular conditions

We offer the latest proven treatments for Macular Degeneration including Avastin and Lucentis, which are now being used in the UK for wet degenerations.

With these new treatments, not only can we preserve your vision, but for the first time we are now able to improve vision in many cases. These promising and new class of drugs are still costly to manufacture, however they have shown very encouraging results.

Surgical Treatments

Our Vitreo-Retinal Service is run by experienced Retinal Consultants who use the latest micro surgical techniques, including high speed vitrectomy and gentle precise lasers.

Most of our procedures can be performed under local anaesthetic, so there is no need to stay in hospital.