For some alcohol is a glass of relaxing red wine in the evening after a long day, for others, it is a big Friday-night out with the locals down the pub, however, you drink alcohol is it always important to drink responsibly.

Some people may not know that drinking alcohol may affect your eyesight. Firstly, after having one too many, it can cause blurred and distorted vision (some may call it beer goggles) however you say it, it can be extremely dangerous if you are not in a safe environment.

Dry eye may also be associated with drinking alcohol as it can swell the blood vessels in the eyes causing a bloodshot look and irritation and itchiness. There are over the counter eye drops that are available to reduce the itchiness and irritation caused by dry eye.

Excessive alcohol consumption can also permanently damage and weaken the muscles in the optic nerve by causing involuntary rapid eye movement. The optic nerve is an important part of your eye which transmits visual images to your brain, it’s important we look after it!

Alcohol can also destroy the number of antioxidants in the body, which is known to increase your chances of developing eye disease.

The risk of developing an eye condition due to alcohol is low and mostly due to excessive drinking over a period of time. Here at LondonOC we have specialist equipment for eye exams that will be able to check your eye health and whether your alcohol consumption has had any impact on your health.

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