Macula Intra-Ocular Lenses at LondonOC

We offer specialist consultations for anyone who would like to be assessed for these lens implants!

Macula Intraocular lenses

The potential improvement in vision can be tested using a special simulator. The simulator demonstrates the effect of the IOL system so patients can experience the possible improvement before the operation. Patients are helped to learn to use the new image with the help of some simple exercises.

The IOL systems can help patients with “dry” and established “wet” forms of AMD and also patients with other forms of macular disease including macular holes, myopic degeneration, and hereditary retinal diseases e.g. Stargardt’s, Best’s.

Procedure time

The procedure takes approximately just 30 minutes

Hospital time

There is no need for an overnight stay - this procedure is done as a day case.


The cost varies depending on the lens and procedure - please contact us or see our fee guide.

Understanding your lens options 

If you have questions or would like to discuss your options further we would love to hear from you please get in touch.

LondonOC gives you the best possible options for bringing your sight back to the best it can be.

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