Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery in London

Most techniques are available as day case procedures using local anaesthetic.

Why choose LondonOC for eyelid surgery?

Ophthalmic surgeons are trained first as ophthalmologists, which provides them with specialised training and skills involving delicate surgery of the eye and surrounding area, and secondly as oculoplastic surgeons, which provides them Eye Lid Surgery Londonwith the skills to attend to cosmetic surgery in and around the eye. This specialised knowledge and training is essential when it comes to delicate surgery relating to the upper and lower eye lids.

Ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery, also referred to as oculoplastic surgery, is a specialist field in ophthalmology which deals specifically with cosmetic eyelid surgery (Also referred to as Blepharoplasty).

As cosmetic surgery in the eye area can affect the eyes, oculoplastic surgeons are best qualified to perform such procedures, unlike plastic surgeons that are not trained in ophthalmology. Eyelid Surgery has in the past most predominantly been attended to by a Plastic Surgeon, but in view of the complex nervous and muscular system that surrounds the eye, the latest trend and more logical approach is to make use of an Oculoplastic Surgeon.

Cosmetic eye surgery represents a significant portion of an ophthalmic surgeon’s work, and only experienced eye surgeons hold the qualifications to show that they truly understand the physiology and anatomy of the eyelid, and they don’t compromise on quality… so why should you?