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Eye health

Having an eye test at least once every two years should be part of everyone’s health care routine.

Every year, around 12.5 million people who have "silent" conditions do not have a regular eye test. It’s important because many causes of sight loss are entirely preventable, if they are caught early. Attending regular eye tests are the best way to do this.

Here at LondonOC, our consultant surgeons carry out extensive eye health checks. A typical screening will assess your vision thoroughly, with your eyes being examined front to back with the help of an applanation pressure test and a Fundoscopy. Each consultation is tailored to your specific needs and requirements, and you will be advised on any further treatment.

Being diagnosed with an eye condition can be an anxious time. Feelings of worry and uncertainty about the future can be especially hard to cope with. However, having accurate, comprehensible information on your eye condition can help at this difficult time.


Why have an eye health check?

If you aren’t displaying any symptoms, getting an eye health screen might not seem entirely necessary. Due to the fact however that some eye conditions aren’t noticeable until they’re in the much later stages, a regular screening will allow a professional Ophthalmologist to spot the red flags before it’s too late. They also provide the opportunity for any concerns to be addressed, and anything that the patient might not have yet noticed to be identified. As a result of dealing with eye problems early, the loss of sight and the deterioration in eyesight quality can be easily avoided.

When it comes to looking after your vision, seeking the professional advice of an eye specialist should be your first point of call. A LondonOC Ophthalmologist will thoroughly examine the eyes, performing a range of different tests that may not necessarily be performed by a regular optician. And eye tests don’t have to be time consuming either, as we provide appointments at your convenience, meaning that you can book a screening that works around your work and home life.

Eye health screening

We offer a range of in-depth knowledge alongside years’ worth of expertise to help anyone seeking professional eye care. If you’ve noticed something that just doesn’t feel quite right, or have concerns based on your family’s medical history, get in touch here.


Here are just some of the conditions we’re familiar with treating:

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