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Refractive lens implants & replacement

Guaranteed high definition, spectacle-free vision.

In this modern age, traditional forms of vision correction have struggled to keep up with busy lifestyles, however surgical alternatives have not. Here at LondonOC, we pride ourselves in introducing the most contemporary, cutting-edge solutions to eye care, delivering the best possible vision to enjoy everyday activities without the need for contact lenses, or glasses. Enjoy freedom from glasses with personalised vision solutions by LondonOC.

Lens Replacement surgery is the only permanent solution for clear distance and reading vision, for life!


Who qualifies for refractive lens replacement surgery?

Many patients will qualify for refractive lens replacement. It is ideal for patients who are diagnosed with and suffering from:

Reliance on contact lenses or glasses which are bifocal, varifocal or multifocal

See how lens replacement works

Refractive lens implants

The main intentions of any surgery to the eye, such as LASIK, is to permanently alter the shape of the cornea, in order to redefine how light is focused on the retina. However, in many cases, undergoing LASIK or other refractive surgeries to the cornea may not be in the patient’s best interest.

Our treatments offer better quality vision, and more stable results. We guarantee high definition, spectacle-free vision, without the need to cut the central cornea.

LondonOC's VIP package includes:

  • A full comprehensive assessment with your consultant -using the latest diagnostic equipment
  • The very best lens and materials to give you the best quality of vision possible
  • All your visits will be with the consultant – no trainees or opticians – just consultants to treat you at every step
  • Your extensive after care will also delivered by your consultant
  • Full contact details of your consultant should you wish to speak to him or her at anytime after your surgery
  • Dedicated and experienced surgical team using single use disposable equipment only
  • Named admin staff to ensure your experience is perfect from start to finish
  • Our clinic was the first to have our own in house surgery centre, and we are proud to have 0% infection rate since we opened.
  • Our all inclusive price covers all of the above with unlimited aftercare.


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