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Glaucoma video testimonials

Glaucoma written testimonials


My mother would like to thank Mr. Sharma for the marvelous work he carried out for her Xen tube operation on her right eye. She told us that she didn’t feel anything and it was done so quickly that she was very glad this procedure was carried out.

There is no doubt that he had prevented her from the deterioration of her eye contributing to her going blind due to her high intraocular pressure with Glaucoma.

She was really nervous about coming for the operation. I and my sister accompanied our mum to the operation and we saw that she was received and treated by Mr Sharma and all his staff including the reception staff with courtesy, kindness, and efficiency which made it a much better experience for her.

The sister who gave the anesthetic had a sense of humour and made her relaxed and comfortable.

After the operation at the post op follow up there was no problems and she told us that she felt both reassured and very positive.

We would certainly recommend Mr Sharma. She told us that things are so much clearer and sharper in her right eye.

We would like to express our appreciation of all the care and consideration she received which did much to relieve our anxiety and also for the Mr Sharma’s delicate skills needed for such an operation.

She has already recommended Mr Sharma and this Centre to a few people as she is very pleased with all aspects of her care at the London Ophthamology Centre

With most grateful and sincere thanks

Patient Name: Patricia Gray. Eldest Daughter of Mrs Daw A M Khin
Procedure: Xen implant


“I remember the day like it was yesterday – I had lost my glasses, I was going on holiday and I needed them to drive – I needed to get a replacement pair quickly. My prescription was out of date, so I ran into the first opticians that made glasses on the premises and they tested my eyes, I got my glasses and felt happy. Just as I was about to leave, the optician said, “Oh, we better do just one more test” I sat down at the Visual Fields tester and casually pressed the buttons …..”oh”, said the optician, you’ve missed a few, we better see you again, when you come home. I went away and thought nothing, when I returned I went to the optician again and again I “missed a few”. I asked what this meant and the optician said that I was “probably not very good at it”! Of course, as soon I got home I hit Google and I realised immediately what it was – the dreaded Glaucoma! We have not family history of this, nothing – so the shock was immense. I had private medical insurance, so went to see a private consultant – he made me feel like I was going to go blind – he threw some drops at me and said that I’d need to use them for the rest of my life, other than that, he told me very little. I came out crying and thinking my sight would be gone in a few years.

I felt as though I never wanted to step foot in another clinic, ever regarding my eyes – I was depressed and felt lost and lonely. I had read lots on glaucoma and knew I must get regular treatment – so again I hit trusty Google and I was lucky enough to come across Mr Sharma’s name. His reviews were fabulous and he was acknowledged as being a leading specialist in the field. Being in London, it was a long way for me to travel, but boy, was it worth it! From the minute I met Mr Sharma, I felt in safe hands. He made me feel comfortable, spent ages telling me what I needed to know and carried out thorough testing to see what was happening with my vision. I came out full of confidence and having a great sense of trust in Mr Sharma, he changed my drops to a newer version, that is easier to use and he made sure I clearly understood what was going on with MY eyesight. I immediately felt as though I could trust him and I actually liked him, he is dynamic, charismatic and highly professional – I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and that I was in safe hands.

As my pressures were so high, Mr Sharma arranged for me to have a laser procedure, to open the angles and allow drainage to of the fluid – thus reducing the pressure – sounds horrid, yes? – I was really worried, but Mr Sharma took time to explain everything, his calm approach made me feel calm and the laser was a walk in the park! I can honestly say that I felt nothing and 2 weeks later, when I saw Mr Sharma, my pressure had gone from 30 to 14 – so really worth it!

Mr Sharma has such an ongoing interest in his work that he knows all the latest treatments, I know that any new developments would always be discussed with me, it is great to have such confidence in my ophthalmic surgeon.

Mr Sharma is supported by a great team, who all have the same commitment to client care, they are always quick to smile, happy to spend time answering questions and make you as comfortable as possible, whilst you spend time at the clinic.

I can’t thank everyone enough. I no longer feel I’m going blind immediately – yes, I have a serious eye condition, but I know that I have the best chance of keeping my sight for many years to come with the advice and support of Mr Sharma and his fantastic team- many heartfelt thanks to them all!


Patient Name:Joy Smith
Procedure: bilateral SLT laser trabeculoplasty
ResultIOP 14 /14


“I came to see Mr Sharma in May 2016 to have my glaucoma surgery (xen implant). I am extremely happy with the care, service and treatment I have received from the London Ophthalmology Centre. Right from my first visit with Mr Sharma, I found him to be very approachable, caring and knowledgeable about his area of expertise. Mr Sharma’s explanation of the surgery I was having put my mind at ease as he was very good at explaining it step by step so I knew what to expect as I was extremely nervous. He is gentle and I trust him explicitly!

On the day of my procedure I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable and I was well looked after by all the admin and nursing staff. Because of everyones expertise and continual communication this put my mind at ease and helped me to relax.

My post operative care has been excellent with 24 hour contact available, if needed, in the first few days after my surgery and regular appointments.

I would definitely recommend the London Ophthalmology Centre to prospective patients.”

Patient Name: Mrs Katinka Easton, London
Procedure: xen implant


“Mr. Sharma is an experienced professional eye consultant.   He operated on both of my eyes for glaucoma.   I experienced very little discomfort and took no painkillers.   I cannot thank him enough for saving the sight I have left.

I would recommend Mr. Sharma to anyone who has eye problems, he clearly is a gifted talented eye consultant."

  • Patient name: MB, Essex
  • Procedure: Right Trabeculectomy and then Left Trabeculectomy 2 weeks later
  • Outcome: IOP (Pressure): 10/12
  • Date of procedure: 20/04/2020


I recently had Glaucoma surgery at LondonOC following a diagnosis in December 2014. When the word “operation” was first mentioned, I was not keen on the idea at all. During a consultation with Mr Sharma he patiently explained the reasons why it was necessary and the options available, which dispelled my fears and gave me the confidence to make a decision. We chose the Xen Gel Stent option for both eyes, first the right eye and then the left eye. The surgery was expertly accomplished and the pre-care and after-care by
Mr Sharma and his nurses was professional and calming.

The support from Mr Sharma post operations has been first rate. The ability to ask questions and receive an immediate answer is very comforting and I would have no hesitation in recommending LondonOC knowing that you would receive the highest level of eye care from Mr Sharma and 110% support from him and his team.

Patient Name: AER
Procedure: Right Xen with MMC and Left Xen plus MMC
OutcomeIOP: 12/24


Pre procedure assessment – very effective and efficient. Mr Sharma explained in detail the consequences of high pressure reading in my right eye . He went through the 3 options available to me. In his opinion, he felt the pressure in my right eye was dangerously high and should be treated soonest. He asked me to go away and read the literature before making the final decision. I chose the Glaucoma Filtering Surgery: Xen stent option as I felt it will produce immediate relief to the very high pressure. In addition, I have minimal vision in my left eye and action had to be taken as a matter of urgency on my good right eye.

Day of the procedure – was seen by couple of clinical staff, very professional but also sympathetic about my nervousness, allayed my fears as best as they could. Mr Sharma explained the procedure in detail again and his expectation of the pressure after the procedure. He was very mindful of the fact that to lead a normal life, I was wholly reliant on my right eye. He also warned me about blurring of the vision for at least 10days. The procedure was successful and Mr Sharma assured me there was no further bleed and that the blurring will improve as the loose blood and fluid disperses. I was in recovery for an hour, Mr Sharma checked my eye before discharging me. He wanted to see me the following day.

Post procedure care – saw Mr Sharma the day after the procedure. He checked my pressure which had dropped down to 10 from 20 in my right eye. Whilst the vision was still blurred, the wound looked fine and no further intervention was necessary. I had weekly checks with Mr Sharma thereafter. At one point ( on a Friday ) I was getting very concerned about the blurring as I felt it was getting worse. I rang Mr Sharma who was very understanding but also reassuring that it was taking a little longer for the loose fluids to clear and he was confident there was anything seriously wrong. However, he offered to see me at the weekend if I was still concerned. He rang me on Saturday to check how things were. The blurring was still there but intermittent. Saw him again midweek and the pressure had dropped to 8 which was fantastic. Through out the 10 weeks since the procedure, I have had the most wonderful care, compassion and reassurances from Mr Sharma. I am confident this will continue as long as I am under his watch. My vision is virtually back to normal and I am sure the clarity and sharpness will be restored in time.
To summarise, a positive experience and a great relief, thanks to Mr Sharma the long term vision in my right eye has been saved.


Patient Name: DW, Suffolk
Procedure: right xen implant
OutcomeVA:  6/9 – IOP: 10


Quality of Reception Excellent
Nurses’ Care Excellent
Surgical Exprience Amazing!
Post – Operation Visits Excellent
Experience with Ophthalmic Surgon – Mr. Vik Sharma Outstandingly competent
Would you recommend LOC to prospective patients Definitely. I have already started recommending Vik and Xen Gel Stent implant to friends and acquaintances.
Suggestions on how to improve services at LOC None
Any Objection to using your comments on centre website? None
Patient Name: Chief JA, Lagos, Nigeria
Procedure: Right Xen with MMC and Left Microincision phacoemulsification with IOL and Xen plus MMC
OutcomeIOP: 16/15


“I have already recommended to any family member, friend or acquaintance I meet that Mr Vik Sharma is the person to go to if they have an eye issue of any kind anywhere in the World. World Class is an overused term nowadays but Vik Sharma is just hat, he saved my eyesight and for that I will be forever grateful. He is also a true gentleman and an example that every medical student should follow. Coming from a medical family I know what Doctors are like good and bad and Vik Sharma is very much at the top of the tree of the good.
I also couldn’t complement highly enough all the staff at the London Ophthalmology Centre. From the lovely receptionists to the entire surgical team, they are true professionals and I am very fortunate to have been in their care at one of the lowest moments of my life”

Patient Name: Mike Molloy
Procedure: Trabeculectomy with MMC and releasable sutures
Result: Pressure lowered to 10 – no eyedrops needed


Cataracts video testimonials

Cataracts written testimonials


This is on behalf of my wife and myself. Both my wife and myself recently had our cataracts removed at this practise. We also have had intraocular lenses fitted. The first contact with the consultants PA ,Debbie, was very informative and helpful. Our experience of her was that she couldn’t have done more.

Both our experience of the consultation with Mr Sharma put us at ease. He went through the procedures thoroughly which left us feeling incredibly confident, there was nothing unturned.

We have both had the procedures some weeks ago and I can only describe it as a little miracle. We can read the small print on anything without the worry or inconvenience of glasses. Because of this new eye sight I now see that my shaving as been far from perfect until now, why haven’t I had it done sooner.

Thanks and kind regards to all the staff. We couldn’t have had a more comfortable experience.

Terry & Brenda Smith
Merstham, Surrey


I found the clinic very friendly when I called to make the appointment. My son also emailed and got a response very quickly. The availability of and appointment was excellent and as I was traumatised they were very understanding. The nurses were excellent and out me at ease as I was very nervous. All surgical experience was excellent and the post-op care was great - no problems at all. Mr Vik Sharma explained all in great detail so I could understand it all. He was very amenable and understanding. I have already recommended the clinic to a few people and will continue to do so.

Patient Name:Pam Chowhan
Procedure: Right phacoemulsification + IOL
Outcome: VA 6/5-
Date of surgery: 27/07/2020


I first came to the London Ophthalmology Centre in response to a recommendation from my sister. At the initial consultation I found Mr Sharma to be very informative, discussing at length the pros and cons of each option, which helped inform my decision as to which treatment to have. Surgery was arranged at my convenience, and the staff pre and post op were very kind and helped put me at ease. During the procedure Mr Sharma explained everything which I found reassuring. I have recommended Mr Sharma in the past and would continue to do so in the future as I have been extremely pleased with the results of his work. 

Patient Name: Frances Parkinson
Date of surgery: July 2020


“I’ve had problems with my eyes all my life: high myopia since I was a child, then glaucoma in my left eye a few years ago, and last year, at the age of 56, I was also diagnosed with cataracts. This on top of slight astigmatism, very pronounced double vision, and vision field loss in my left eye meant I was really struggling to see. It got so bad I thought I might have to give up my job, and my optician said she couldn’t help me anymore – surgery was the only option.

I was incredibly fortunate that Mr Sharma is my glaucoma consultant anyway, so when I went to him for advice on laser surgery (which had worked for some of my friends) he explained that wasn’t a procedure I could have, owing to a multitude of factors – but that refractive lens implants could give me sight at least as good as with contact lenses, and probably better. I’d never even heard of this procedure, and part of me believed it sounded too good to be true. I had a couple of consultation sessions with Mr Sharma to talk it through, and each time I saw him, I was armed with a list of questions. He went through everything with me very clearly, graciously and patiently, outlining the risks as well as the benefits, and eventually I plucked up the courage to do it.

All my dealings with LondonOC have been first rate. All the staff are very professional, patient and welcoming. When it came to the actual surgery, the nurses were so friendly and sympathetic. The surgery itself was completely painless – all you really feel is pressure on the eye for about 15 minutes, and at first you see a very bright light, which then eases off into a kaleidoscopic scene of blues, violets and greens. It feels little uncomfortable and gritty immediately after surgery for maybe 2 hours, but after the drops, it feels a lot better – and the very next day I had clear sight. I had EDOF IOLs, which give reasonable distance vision, and also ‘social’ middle distance, but I was expecting to need reading glasses. However, I found miraculously after surgery I had not only excellent distance vision, and also perfectly adequate reading vision in my right eye too. (The left eye is permanently damaged from the glaucoma, but even with that eye, I can see pretty clearly.) The sense of freedom and relief in being able to see everything when I wake up and open my eyes, is amazing. I would absolutely recommend this procedure to anyone – it’s truly life changing – I would even call it miraculous”

Patient Name:Pam Chowhan
Procedure:Left phacoemulsification + Edof IOL on the 25/11/2019 and Right phacoemulsification + IOL on the 09/12/2019
Outcome:6/4 ua 6/7.5
Date of surgery: 25/11/2019 & 09/12/2019


“During September 2010 I was becoming increasingly worried and unhappy regarding the pressure in my right eye which had risen to damaging levels. Having read about the work done by Mr. Sharma I made an appointment to see him. It was a decision that I have never regretted.

From the first consultation I felt comfortable and unpressurised into taking any course of action. Above all I came away much better informed about the condition of my eyes and possible solutions, I opted to have a mini glaucoma shunt fitted. The operation was pain free and short in duration. The nursing and theatre staff made me feel comfortable and confident. The operation has been an an astonishing success. Far more so than I had dared hope, the pressure in my eye having dropped dramatically.

The aftercare that I have received from both Mr. Sharma and the nursing and admin staff has been excellent. Everyone involved has made a real effort to ensure a smooth successful outcome to the operation. I have really appreciated the approachability of the whole team and the collective determination of them, led by Mr, Sharma, that the outcome will continue to be favourable.

My experiences of Mr. Sharma and his team are entirely positive and I recommend them without reservation”

Patient Name: John Gardiner
Procedure: express shunt and Microincision phacoemulsification Cataract surgery
Result: Pressure lower and vision improved



“Elizabeth has worn glasses since the age of 12 and now no longer needs them thanks to the surgery she has had from Mr Sharma.
She claims her sight is perfect due to surgery with the Toric lens implant. She would now like to have her other eye done.
This patient was very pleased with the surgery she had and would recommend The London Ophthalmology Centre in every way with regards to great care during and post op and also after experiencing such great results!”

Patient Name:Elizabeth Graves
Procedure: phacoemulsification + multifical toric implant


“After having Multifocal lens implants and no longer needing to wear contact lenses, Mr Russell stated that he now has great sight!
He was also very pleased with the surgery he had and impressed with the after-care he received on his post op visits.
He also states that he can’t thank Mr Sharma enough for being so well looked after and performing such fabulous surgery, he would definitely recommend the London Ophthalmology Centre to anyone needing eye surgery.”

Patient Name: John Russell
Procedure: phacoemulsification + IOL
Result 6/9 N5 unaided 6/6 N6



“We come over from Italy especially to see Mr Sharma at The London Ophthalmology Centre. My son was researching a lot on the internet in the London area, and found the Londonoc website to be the most useful and the most informative with regards to information about the surgeons who practice there and also the services they offer.

Also, after initially contacting The London Ophthalmology Centre, we were offered a consultation straight away for the following week, in which we were extremely grateful.

I was made to feel very much at ease, felt very trusting towards Mr Sharma and felt very lucky to have found this Ophthalmology Centre. My sight has improved considerably and i still come over every 4-6 weeks for my treatment.

We would recommend The London Ophthalmology Centre to anyone seeking Ophthalmic advise and treatment.”

Patient Name: Mr Barbieri
Procedure: phacoemulsification + VIP lens


“I had been referred to my local NHS hospital with regard to the possibility of having cataracts in my eyes. This was proved to be the case but was not very reassured by the description of the procedure nor the advice given to me by the staff there. I subsequently found the London Ophthalmology Centre on the Internet and contacted them. I had a consultation with Mr Sharma who was very charming and informative describing exactly what the procedure involved and my options. He gave plenty of time to answers all my concerns and I was fully reassured by him and his ability to give me the best treatment. I was able to choose the date and time to have the procedure to suit my diary and given very comprehensive information about what I should do and what I should expect.

On the day of the procedure the staff at the Queen Anne Medical Centre were very kind and re-assuring and made me feel at ease even though I was very apprehensive. Mr. Sharma also made me feel at ease and I am very grateful to the very kind nurse (unfortunately I cannot remember her name) who held my hand throughout the operation. All went very smoothly and the treatment was a complete success. I was very impressed that Mr. Sharma, himself, took the time and trouble to ring me the next evening the check on my progress.”

Patient Name: Irene Roberts
Procedure:phacoemulsification + IOL
Result VA: 6/6/ 6/19



“I simply must write and say what a difference Mr Sharma has made to my life.
I never thought it possible that at 77 years I could ever have 20/20 vision, I do declare if they moved the buildings I would be able to see the next village.
It’s how it all happened that is as important as the final result.
The diagnosis ‘cataracts’ in both eyes, having reached a stage where it would have been wrong to have left them, in fact dangerous, putting myself at risk, as I would have no sight within a few weeks, yet being apprehensive I had no desire to undergo surgery, though once I agreed, quite sensibly I think; never have I known such care, consideration and understanding. My friend was allowed in theatre, holding my hand throughout the entire operation, both eyes being done at one and the same times; get it over with I said.
The male nurse, who was responsible for putting in drops to anaesthetise the eyes, no nasty needles involved, which in itself went part way to relieving some of the anxiety, no one really likes needles. I felt no pain, no discomfort. Yet Mr Sharma himself, ever a gentleman, ever courteous, even to phoning twice on the day after the operation, to see how I was. He was there for me, and repeatedly said so.
thank you to you all, including his p.a., who kept me in coffee.”

Patient Name: Kimberley Nicolson
Procedure: Bilateral microsincison phacoemulsification + IOL
Result Right VA improved to 6/9 Left VA improved to 6/9-



“I took a chance when I knew the NHS would not treat me and searched the internet – various clinical sites, Dr. Foster etc. and found 3 possible ‘candidates’ as consultants. I emailed all three with the same information – I am still waiting to hear from the other two! As a died in the wool NHS employee for longer than a life sentence I was hesitant to follow the private route.

I have nothing but praise for Mr. Sharma and for the London Ophthalmology Centre. It is a long time since I have been treated so well and I must say I found it a bit overwhelming; sadly I’m used to the poor current lack of care in the NHS. For the first time in a very long time as a patient I was seen as a human being!

Everyone acts in a truly professional manner and the attitudes and care shown is amazing.
Mr. Sharma clearly explains options and especially during the surgery I was made to feel at ease and fully aware of what was happening. The information provided on the website and the instructions sent prior to surgery and given post operatively were clear and easy to understand.

It has been a very positive experience and I would certainly recommend Mr. Sharma and the London Ophthalmology Centre.”

Patient Name: MM
Procedure:Microincision phacoemulsification with multifocal lens



“I have to admit I really did not know how to go about things when my sight in my left eye started getting very poor. I had had a check up in 2010 in Australia and had been warned to watch out for my forming cataracts. At the time I was installing a gas field in Venezuela from our ops office in Aruba. I had to go to London on the completion so basically – looked up “ophthalmology” on the web and chose your centre to go to. It was so simple making an appointment and when I arrived was duly impressed with the manner and professionalism of the office and Dr. Sharma. I had my eyes checked and my left eye cataracts had become a serious problem. Dr. Sharma outlined all the options available to me – and I chose the one I felt most suited me and my life style. Dr. Sharma gave me a number of informative leaflets about the upcoming operation and we talked at length about the operation and all the risks and possibilities were outlined before I agreed to come in for the operation. This was on the Monday and I was scheduled for the operation on Wednesday.
On the Wednesday I came in , was taken straight in and prepped for the operation with Dr. Sharma explaining at length what was to transpire. The operation was done in 15 minutes and I had a half hour rest afterwards. Dr Sharma checked everything gave me eye drops and instructions how to use them, what to take care with and mad an appointment for a checkup the next week before I flew to Azerbaijan and I was out on the street shopping with the wife – with 20/20 vision for the first time in my life without any glasses.
I followed al the instructions laid out by Dr Sharma and was absolutely delighted with the results. Flew to Aberdeen to visit my grandchildren and recommended Dr. Sharma to a friend of mine with Cataracts!!.
Had a complete checkup on Wednesday with everything perfect and flew out on the Thursday.
I was totally impressed with the whole operation and would recommend the ophthalmology centre and Dr. Sharma to anyone with eye problems”

Patient Name: Kurt S Hendricks
Procedure: Phacoemulsification with HD lens implant



“I would just like to say how happy I have been with everything to do with being able to see.
One never realises what one has until it is taken from you – and being able to see again has been the most wonderful joy of 2015/16
My first consultation, to care in the reception, to the surgery itself, I have felt at all times in wonderful professional care.
– and an extra thanks to Mr Sharma for his gift in this field and thank heavens for him.”

Patient Name: KP, London
Procedure: Cataract (phacoemulsification) + IOL
Outcome:VA: 6/5 u/a 6/6



“I must say that my experience at LOC was a very pleasant one.The surgery was carried out with utmost dextrity while the post-op care was highly professional.I will recommend the Centre any day!”

Patient Name: Dr Basheer I Mohammed from Nigeria
Procedure: Left Microincision phacoemulsification with HD IOL in February 2016 and Right Microincision phacoemulsification with HD IOL in March 2016
Outcome: VA improved to 6/6 n5 unaided in both eyes



“I am very happy with the care I have received from all the staff at the London Ophthalmology Centre to date and would highly recommend Mr Sharma to family and friends.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued high standard of service”

Patient Name: NB, London
Procedure: Right microincision phacoemulsification + HD IOL. And then Left microincision phacoemulsification + HD IOL( SBL-2 +21.25) under topical anaesthesia.
Outcome: VA: 6/5 N5
Date of surgery: June 2018 and July 2018


“There is only one word to sum up my experience of cataract surgery with

Mr Vik Sharma and his team at the London Ophthalmology Centre and that is 'Excellent'.

From the first consultation where everything was explained to me in detail and all my questions answered, to the painless and stress free surgery and the excellent follow up service offered l can not fault the experience in any way. 

On the day of the procedure Mr Sharma and his staff calmed my nerves and made me feel comfortable from start to finish.  There was no pain during or after the procedure, only a little discomfort the first evening.  Continuing care has been excellent. When l had a minor complication at a weekend a few weeks after the procedure Mr Sharma spoke to me on the telephone to gave a care plan followed up with an appointment to see him within two days.

I would therefore highly recommend Mr Sharma and his team and their service and expertise is second to none.” 

Patient name: Mrs Brenda Teacher

Procedure: Bilateral phacoemulsification + IOL on 11/03/2020

Outcome: VA: 6/12


“Well I must admit I thanks God for knowing about London Ophthalmology Centre which I detected on the internet. My appointment was prompt and when I met Mr Sharma I was pleased with the treatment and surgeries I received. The follow up is excellent even though I had to fly from Nigeria to UK for my treatment. I am satisfied that my sight was in very safe hands. I really do not have anything to complain about instead I am full of praise. Thanks”

Patient Name: ES
Procedure: Right phacoemulsification + IOL on the 12/11/2019 and Left phacoemulsification + IOL on the 25/11/2019
Outcome: 6/7.5 u/a 6/6
Date of surgery: 12/11/2019 & 25/11/2019



I was diagnosed with narrow angle disease and after a consultation with Mr Sharma he advised me that I would need cataract surgery. I was obviously very anxious as the thought of eye surgery whilst I was awake seemed very daunting I can honestly say that throughout the whole experience everybody that I came into contact with ensured that the procedures were as pleasant and relaxed as possible.

Mr Sharma explained the procedure clearly and provided me with more than adequate follow ups including a phone call the day after each procedure and a face to face consultation after 1 week.

Debbie, his secretary, has been incredibly efficient in all the organisational aspects and has been very supportive throughout my 2 operations and has always been available by phone or e mail to answer any queries and make sure everything went as smoothly as possible.

My eyesight is so much improved and I now only need glasses for reading

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Sharma and his team to anyone.

Patient Name: Anon
Procedure: Left phacoemulsification + IOL and Right phacoemulsification + IOL
Outcome:6/15 / 6/15
Date of surgery:15/10/18 & 22/10/18



“After having cataract operation on both eyes Mr Costa is impressed with Mr Sharma and the London Ophthalmology Centre as he states he received the best care with his surgery and post op visits as well as great results.
His sight is now much improved, before surgery was very blurry but can see very well now.

He states that he was very happy with the way that he fully understood the procedures of cataract surgery before going into theatre which put him at ease, he also felt he was very well looked after. All in all he was very impressed with Mr Sharma and would definitely recommend. The results he is experiencing are “great”.

Patient Name: J C Costa
Procedure:right microincision phacoemulsification + multifocal lens implant



“After having Cataract surgery Mrs Jones was so happy and pleased with the results of her treatment she was on holiday as soon as she returned home to Spain. Mrs Jones came over to England especially to have her surgery
with Mr Sharma, she had one eye operated on and the following week the other eye before flying back to Spain.

As a result of having multifocal lens implants she states that her sight is fantastic!

All her treatment and surgery went very very smooth and she felt she was well informed of every procedure.

She would recommend The London Ophthalmology Centre and so happy she chose us for her surgery”

Patient Name: Angela Jones
Procedure: bilateral phacoemulsification + IOL.
ResultRVA: VA 6/9 N8 -0.50 LVA: 6/6 N5 -1.25 IOP: 18 /17



“As a former scientist I had naturally undertaken quite a thorough investigation as to the procedures associated with cataract surgery. My first contact with the LOC concerned primarily costs, whether surgery should be undertaken in the early stages of a cataract and, since I was coming from France, what sort of timescales I could be looking at.

All my questions and more, were dealt with very promptly and efficiently. Everything about LOC was very efficient and yet undertaken in a calm atmosphere. I was clearly advised of all the risks, what to expect during and after the operation. None of my questions seemed too trivial for Mr Sharma and I always felt very confident and comfortable at every stage. The supporting literature was equally very clear and informative.

The nursing staff were super – even providing tea and biscuits afterwards!

I would also like to add a special thanks to Nicky and Mr Sharma for being so helpful, calm, reassuring and informative throughout the procedure, and afterwards.

I have in fact already recommended the LOC to two people, and certainly would have no hesitation in recommending the LOC to others.”

Patient Name: Dr Simonne E Mason
Procedure: Bilateral Microincision phacoemulsification
Result 6/5 N6 UA 6/5 N5 IOP 15/14



“I had my first cataract operation 3 years ago at the LOC and was so pleased with the result that I knew that when the time came for me to have my 2nd eye operated on there was never any question that I would consider going
anywhere else. I had almost no vision in my left eye by the time I had my first procedure and have better than 20/20 vision in that eye now.

Mr Sharma put me at ease from the very first consultation and worked out the best options for me so that I don’t have to wear glasses at all and I can honestly say that I have better vision now than at any time that I can remember in my life.

I was nervous about the first operation, not knowing what to expect but I never felt any pain during or after surgery and the result was immediate. Mr Sharma and the theatre staff looked after me completely and the operation
itself only lasted about 15 mins or so and the benefits are incalculable.

When I was ready for my 2nd operation I made a quick phone call, booked my appointment for the consultation and had the operation the following week.

Everything is so straight forward, no fuss and of course, I knew what to expect 2nd time round and the results were once again fantastic and exactly as Mr Sharma had predicted.

Mr Sharma telephoned the day after each operation to make sure I was alright and not in any pain or discomfort and provided a direct mobile number to contact him if I any worries or problems. A follow up appointment
was made about 10 days after surgery to check everything was ok and I was as good as new.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the LOC and Mr Sharma to anyone and indeed have already done so and if anyone is considering surgery and would like to speak to someone that has been through it I would be quite
happy to be contacted. I know how daunting it can be to face an operation on your eyes and its not until its over that you can appreciate what a difference it makes.

I hope this will be useful and if you need anymore information from me I should be quite happy to provide it.”

Patient Name: Pauline Newton
Procedure: phacoemulsification
Result VA n5 unaided, IOP 16



“my eye is lovely. my comments would be
1; excellent service
2; Mr Sharma carried out an excellent pre op examination.
3; the whole procedure was carried out in a very professional manner
4; I would recommend yourselves to anybody
5; you only get what you pay for
6; keep up the good work.”

Patient Name: Dave Davies
Procedure: Microincision phacoemulsification Cataract with HD multifocal lens
Result: vision 20/20 n5 without specs



” I recently had both cataract and glaucoma surgery on both eyes at the London Ophthalmology Centre and honestly found the whole experience very professional and caring, with excellent results. From my first initial consultation, Mr Sharma made me feel at ease with a calm, caring manner and very clear explanation of the whole procedure. The surgery was painless and very professional, followed by after care by Mr Sharma which was very supportive and reassuring. Without a doubt I would honestly recommend the LOC to any prospective patients.”

Patient Name: Brenda Speight
Procedure: Trabeculectomy with Microincision phacoemulsification
Result Pressure lowered and no drops needed! vision 6/6 (20/20)



Having gladly worked with Mr Sharma for six or so years, I cannot recommend his expertise enough. I often refer my valued patients to him who consistently report back that they are happy!

His attention to finer details and genuine care for his patients is highly commended.

Patient Name: Kanti Fatania FBDO , Dispensing Optician



On the 20/1/16 you performed the following treatment on my right eye.
Treatment: Right Microincision phacoemulsification with IOL and Xen implant with MMC 0.01%
Routine surgery under Topical anaesthesia
I am please to report that the total experience with you and your team at the Ophthalmology Centre has gone very smoothly. The surgical procedure was efficient and comfortable and after 3 weeks the results appear to be very favourable.
Based on my experience, I would have no hesitation in recommending both you and your team to any of my acquaintances.
I look forward to our continuing association and the next procedure on my left eye.

Patient Name: Dr E Mizrahi, Hertfordshire
Procedure: Microincision phacoemulsification with IOL and Xen implant with MMC 0.01%
ResultVA: 6/6 specs



“I have been a patient of Mr Sharma at the London Ophthalmic Clinic since November 2015 and have nothing but praise for his skill, and gratitude for the difference that recent surgical treatment, in particular, has made to my life. Having worn spectacles and then contact lenses for 60 years, I can now drive, watch television, go to the theatre, and read small print without difficulty. AND I can also recognise friends approaching from a distance. Mr Sharma suggested that the surgical treatment could be such as to allow one eye to read and the other to cope with distance vision.I was slightly nervous at first, but the result is nothing less than superb and I could not be more satisfied”

Patient Name: Miss Natalie Webber, East Sussex
Procedure: Left microincision phacoemulsification + IOL
Outcome: VA: 6/5 n6



“Brilliant Mr Sharma! I was confident and really cared for. I would gladly recommend him to friends. Debbie, his PA, was endlessly helpful”

Patient Name: Jan Robinson
Procedure: Left phacoemulsification and IOL and then Right Microincision Phacoemulsification + IOL
Outcome: VA: 6/6 u/a 6/6-
Date of surgery: June 2018 and August 2018



“I live and work in Chelsea, London and wanted to offer a few words about my experience with Mr Sharma.
In a word I would say; "outstanding" however no single word explains the excellent experience and results.

He is extremely knowledgable; throughly explains and helps you to understand the status and options; very efficient; incredibly skilful and helpful; fantastic treatment and results.

The whole process including his administrative team and medical assistance are respectful, caring and efficient. At no time did I feel, experienced or thought anything which worried or concerned me including the surgery which was totally painless and the results are unbelievably great.

He personally follows up after surgery.

I simply can not praise and thank Mr Sharma enough times and will never hesitate to recommend him.

Patient Name: Mr Niroo Rad
Procedure: Left phacoemulsification with HD lens implant
Outcome: VA: 6/5



“Dr. Sharma was recommended by my physician in June and I must say I am very pleased overall. The clinic was nice and welcoming and I was immediately put at ease. Dr Sharma was very professional and inspired confidence.

The treatment went very well and I appreciated the care and concern he showed. I felt very comfortable throughout and that really helped to put my mind at ease.

I thank him once again and wish him all the best”

Patient Name: Olufunke, Lagos,Nigeria
Procedure: Left Phacoemulsification + IOL
Outcome: VA 6/7.5

Refractive Lens

Refractive lens video testimonials

Refractive lens implant written testimonials


“I am so pleased with my implantable contact lenses even now just 2 weeks after surgery. It was amazing the day after surgery to wake up and read the clock across the room. My vision is better than I could have hoped for and I can’t thank Mr Sharma enough for the service provided. As someone who (was) very short sighted since the age of 8 and not suitable for laser surgery, the ICL procedure has been painless and highly effective.

The whole team have been excellent, from efficient and caring admin team, to the friendly nurses on the day of surgery to the high level of care from Mr Sharma. As someone who works in a healthcare environment myself I can confidently say that the Ophthalmology Centre has extremely high standards and I would recommend them for this, or any other eye surgery”

Patient Name: Emma French, Kent
Procedure: Bilateral ICLS
Date of surgery: 21st January 2019



“I would like to begin with you and by embracing your high hospitality standards from the very first minute I stepped foot in The London Ophthalmology Centre.

As to my overall experience at The London Ophthalmology Centre I can honestly say that it was flawless. The organisation, professionalism and hospitality of the centre as a whole was truly impeccable. The punctuality of every appointment which was respectively reciprocal played a very important factor in my experience as a whole as it made me feel like I was truly respected and taken care of as a dear patient not just anyone.

Last but not least, I had and still have the pleasure of being one of Mr. Sharma’s patients. I was extremely lucky that my medical path guided me to Mr. Sharma and had him as my surgical doctor that has truly given me a new life changing moment. From the first second I have met Mr. Sharma I have felt tranquility and serenity from his obvious expertise. He is a man that is a true expert in what he does. Mr. Sharma had all the time and patience to explain every step of the process I was then to take, making me aware and confident that I am in good hands. A plus of course was his handsome and charming looks that was even better seen after his miraculous operation.

I am currently in my 4th week of recovery and I can proudly say that I have an excellent close sight view. More on, as to my far sight view, Mr. Sharma has previously mentioned that the recovery differs from person to person and it might take time. I do get blurry sights every now and then however I feel the difference and true progress everyday that goes by.

On this note, I surely recommend Mr. Sharma and The London Ophthalmology Centre to whom ever would like to have a stress- free and confident experience rather than a fearful and worrying one. The experience as a whole was an honest happy journey that I till this very day do not consider it a surgical one.

Many thanks from the bottom of my heart to everyone at the centre for making my journey a memorable one. “

Patient Name: Mrs Randa El-Banna
Procedure: Bilateral Lens exchange with HD IOL
Outcome VA: 6/5 both eyes



“The service and treatment I had was first class. Vik Sharma is not only an expert in his field but has a great bedside manner and is a thoroughly nice guy. All questions were answered honestly and appropriately before, during and after the treatment and nothing was too much trouble.
Vik’s PA Nicki organised everything expertly and was always available to answer any queries. The staff at the Queen Anne’s Medical Centre were outstanding and made the process seamless.
And, most importantly, the result? I came out from the procedure and have not put on a pair of glasses since (other than normal sunglasses!). My sight is fabulous.
I thoroughly recommend Vik Sharma and his staff.”

Patient Name: Peter Thorp
Procedure: Bilateral lens exchange + HD IOL
Result VA 6/4 n5 unaided



“First and foremost, my vision has improved considerably, and I am delighted with the outcome of the surgery.

I have been very impressed with the service from LOC, my case was rather bespoke, and I always felt that my best interest was priority number one. I was taken for specialist tests, at the expense of LOC to a site in North London, and personally saw Mr Sharma for more detailed assessments of my left eye. I also had a number of meetings with Mr Sharma prior to making the final decision, and I never felt rushed or pressurised into making a final decision.

Mr Sharma understands individual concerns, and his manner and personable nature were warmly welcome. I felt he was very professional, honest, and empathised with my concerns. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend the practise to anyone considering eye surgery.

The surgery itself was professional, and I always felt relaxed and in the very best of medical hands”

Patient Name: SA
Procedure: Intraocular Corrective lens implant
Result: 20/20 vision without specs



“Mr Sharma is very competent & professional and he always put me at ease from initial check ups to the operation to the follow up afterwards. I really appreciated his kind nature and generosity with his time to answer any questions I had. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone thinking about this procedure as I always felt in safe hands and it’s absolutely changed my life for the better”

Patient Name: KC
Procedure: Bilateral ICL Insertion under topical anaesthesia
Result VA: 6/4 u/a 6/4



“First and foremost, my vision has improved considerably, and I am delighted with the outcome of the surgery.
I have been very impressed with the service from LOC, my case was rather bespoke, and I always felt that my best interest was priority number one. I was taken for specialist tests, at the expense of LOC to a site in North London, and personally saw Mr Sharma for more detailed assessments of my left eye. I also had a number of meetings with Mr Sharma prior to making the final decision, and I never felt rushed or pressurised into making a final decision.
Mr Sharma understands individual concerns, and his manner and personable nature were warmly welcome. I felt he was very professional, honest, and empathised with my concerns. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend the practise to anyone considering eye surgery.
The surgery itself was professional, and I always felt relaxed and in the very best of medical hands.
In terms of constructive comments, as to how things can be improved, I though the after care service has room for improvement. When I arrived home after the first surgery, I would have benefitted from a short and sweet booklet/A4 info sheet with regards to what I should/shouldn’t do over the next 48 hours. For example, when can I go swimming, can I have a sauna, should I get some fresh air, can I watch TV, should I go on the computer etc etc
It’s now a few weeks since surgery, and It is life changing, I can leave the house in the morning without thinking about my reading glasses, driving glasses, contacts and prescription sun glasses”

Patient Name: Steve Aviss
Procedure: Right ICL implant
Result VA 6/6- IOP 15



” The whole experience has been life changing and I now have excellent vision without spectacles for the first time. No pain and no problems – just clear vision in both eyes.
the team were excellent and Mr Sharma was so very professional and approachable. I would definitely recommend LondonOC to anyone and the ICLs are superb”

Patient Name: CC
Procedure: Bilateral ICL implantation
Result: better than 20/20 vision in both eyes – no specs required


“I was impressed with the very professional way Mr.Sharma went about his work during my first consultation with him, explaining clearly what he was doing every step of the way, and what needed to be done going forward. I left his offices resolved that I would return for a corrective surgery which he recommended for an earlier procedure in another country.

Having gained my confidence, I returned a few months later for the corrective procedures and have been satisfied with the results.

But beyond Mr Sharma’s expertise as my ophthalmic surgeon, I have received tremendous support from staff of the London Ophthalmology Centre working with him, especially for post-op follow up enquiries, even when Mr Sharma has travelled out of London. This has been critical for me as a patient from overseas I would therefore not hesitate to recommend Mr Sharma and his team to prospective patients.”

Patient Name: Florence Anyiam Iheme
Procedure:Left IOL exchange on the 30/09/2019
Outcome ua 6/12+
Date of surgery: 30/09/2019


“Mr Sharma was very patient and explained the whole procedure to me clearly (I was very anxious). After the procedure he spent time with me to assure me. Upon discharged I was given a 24 hour mobile number and was told to call if I had any concerns.
I was impressed with the LOC, the support staff, facilities and cleaners were excellent.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Sharma to anyone considering Lens Replacement surgery.”

Patient Name: Mrs Hina Gahdia, London
Procedure: Refractive Lens exchange, right and then left
OutcomeVA: 20/20 N5 in both eyes


“First consultation:
I came in to ask for advice on laser eye surgery. Vik gave me the pros and cons, and also told me about alternate surgery options, specifically lens implants. He gave me pros and cons of the implant surgery, and suggested I go and do my own research as well and think about it before making a decision. I was not pushed towards a specific treatment type, and maintaining my current (at the time) lifestyle of glasses / contact lenses was also suggested as an option. The consultation was very useful, and helped me make a decision that I was happy and comfortable with. After this consultation, I emailed a large list of questions about the process and limitations of the surgery, and received a response that helped me decide to go with lens implant surgery.

Second consultation:
This was after I decided to go with Visian ICL lens implants, and the consultation was to determine if I was suitable for the surgery. It involved taking several measurements of my eyes to see if my prescription was in range of the lenses and to see if there was enough space in my eyes to put implants in. Vik told me at the end of the consultation that I would be suitable, and gave an estimated price range. I was told that the final price would depend on the cost of the lenses themselves, which was unknown until an order was made. The estimated price range I was given was accurate. I was also given the option of having one eye slightly short and one eye slightly long so I would not need reading glasses later in life, but I opted for perfect correction.

It was made very clear what the total cost was once the lens supplier provided a price. The total cost was within the estimate given by Vik. It was also made clear that about half the cost would be up front as a deposit to cover the cost of the lenses, with the rest payable on the day of the surgery. The clarity of the costs and payment structure was very clear and direct, and there were no hidden fees or strange charges.

Surgery day:
I was given clear instructions to organise private transport home, as I wouldn’t be able to drive or use public transport. Before the operation, I was given clear details as to what was going to happen during the surgery and what I was to expect after the surgery, and what I needed to do after the surgery. This was comforting, as I now knew what to expect, and how to identify if there was something wrong. The surgery itself was quick and about as comfortable as I could expect an eye operation to go. There was no pain at all – Vik checked to make sure my eyes were completely numb before commencing. The operation took 10 minutes per eye, and I was in and out in just over two hours – I did not expect it go to this quickly!

Post op consultations:
All the post op consultations were very quick, about 10 minutes in length. They involve checking how much of the chart I can read, checking the surface of my eye, and checking my eye pressure. Vik also addressed any concerns I have with my vision. These consultations are very quick and easy, and give me confidence that my eyes are okay and recovering as expected.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the London OC to anyone considering lens implant surgery. The consultations are quick and efficient, all my questions and concerns are answered, and the operation is quick and comfortable. The improvement to my quality of life from the surgery and the knowledge that I am in good hands is well worth the cost”

Patient Name: AG, Cheshire
Procedure: Bilateral ICLS
Outcome VA: 6/5
Date of surgery: February 2018



“I decided that I wanted to get my eyes sorted out as I was fed up of not being able to see the ball when I played golf. I am retired now and golf is my daily pleasure….

I had carried out my extensive research on the internet of various clinics/hospitals in London and came across the London OC and liked their website and all the detailed information on it.

I found the service at the London OC to be excellent from the moment I made my first enquiry through to the initial consultation. Everything was explained to me in great detail and then sent to me by email, before my first appointment.

On the day I met Mr Sharma for my consultation I found him to be pleasant and knowledgeable and he explained everything to me in great detail. I had already done my “homework” on what surgery options I could have and once he examined my eyes he explained all of the options to me.

On the day of my surgery the nurses explained everything to me again in detail and I saw Mr Sharma pre surgery and he again explained all to me. At no time did I feel rushed and if I had any queries they were answered at anytime!

People told me you would have instant results but it takes a while for the eyes to settle down.

I would recommend people to the London OC and I already have!”

Patient Name: Mike Burrell, Cyprus
Procedure: Bilateral lens replacement
Outcome 6/7.5 and 6/6 unaided



“I was very unhappy and tired of using glasses and contact lenses for a number of years. I was also very nervousto undergo an intraocular surgery procedure, however I found the whole process before and after brilliant and could not have been happier with the results.
The team at the clinic that reassured and looked after so well.
I was absolutely amazed that on the very same day after my surgery I could see clearly and even better than with my glasses and contacts.
The best thing is when I woke up in the morning, I not longer need to reach for my glasses, I just open my eyes and can see perfectly”

Patient Name: Jennepher Rincon
Procedure: Bilateral ICL
Result VA 6/5 unaided IOP 17



“Having had the surgery I can say with absolute certainty that I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their vision as I was. Being free from glasses and contact lenses is a wonderful feeling that still hasn’t worn off 6 months on from the surgery. My eyes feel comfortable like nothing has been done to them and my vision is as good if not slightly better than my glasses gave me.

The surgery itself is painless and over very quickly, Mr Sharma was amazingly professional and completely reassuring on the day as were all of his clinical staff. One nurse even held my hand I as was so nervous. Being awake during the surgery was nerve racking but everyone in the room kept telling me that I was doing really well.

Immediately after the surgery my vision was blurred and my eyes very light sensitive but after a couple of days my vision settled and then began to get clearer and clearer. After a week it had cleared completely. It’s small things that I notice that have a big impact, being able to see in the shower, going to the cinema and not having to wear 3d glasses on top my glasses, feeling comfortable taking part in sports and being able to see whilst swimming is an incredible feeling.

It’s difficult for me to put into writing just how pleased I am about making the decision to have the surgery done. It is worth every penny and as I’ve said I would happily recommend this surgery, Mr Sharma and the London OC to anyone. This surgery has changed my live for the better and I will always be extremely grateful.”

Patient Name: Sam Blair
Procedure: Right ICL surgery under topical anaesthesia. Left ICL surgery under topical anaesthesia.
Result VA: 6/12 u/a 6/9

Other written testimonials

Mr Vik Sharma is the most caring and dedicated consultant ophthalmology surgeon and I received excellent treatment.

Date of surgery: August 2020

Superb care.

Date of surgery: August 2020

Just a little too warm in the downstairs reception - otherwise everything was perfect!

Date of surgery: February 2020

“My experience with Mr Sharma has been excellent and I found him to be exceptionally thorough, especially as I had already seen another consultant so had a point of comparison. His post-op care has also been very most careful. I really appreciated that he telephoned personally the day after the operation, even though it was a weekend.
I have already recommended him to at least three other people and I know that one of them, has been for an initial consultation.”

Patient Name: D.R

“I was very pleased with the care and treatment given by LOC. I felt in safe hands and treated in a very personal and thoughtful way. I was also very pleased with the outcome”

Patient Name: TB

“I was delighted with the results of my surgery with Mr Sharma. The pre and post care was exceptional. I was incredibly concerned about the surgery itself, particularly the fact that I would be awake during the operation, something that filled me with a sense of anxiety. I needn’t have worried, Mr Sharma and his team ensured that I was relaxed and appropriately calm, I felt nothing during the operation.
He was also totally honest with me, in that he described carefully how I would feel afterwards, how long I would take to fully recover and what I would need to do afterwards to ensure that smooth recovery.
Finally, I have been taken great care of, post operatively, with regular check ups and a series of eye drops that have ensured that my eyes are now clear.”

Patient Name: Julia Rice


“I am very happy with the care, service and treatment I have received to date. I have found you, Debbie, to be friendly, approachable and very helpful during all phone calls and visits to The London Ophthalmology Centre. Right from my first visit with Mr Sharma, I found him to be very approachable, caring and knowledgeable about his area of expertise. His explanation of the surgery I was having put my mind at ease as he was very good at explaining it step by step so I knew what to expect.

On the day of my procedure I was made to feel very comfortable and well looked after by all staff because of everyones expertise and continual communication putting my mind at ease and helping me to relax. Post operative care has been excellent with 24 hour contact available, if needed, in the first few days after my surgery and regular appointments which have been available beyond normal working hours.

I would definitely recommend the London Ophthalmology Centre to prospective patients.”

Patient Name: Mr Stevie Heath, Kent
Procedure: Bilateral Pterygium excision with MMC 0.04% 30 sec and conj autograft under Topical anaesthesia on the 30.3.16


“It is my pleasure to report that I had the most thoroughly gratifying experience at your organisation. From the moment of my diagnosis, to the operative procedure, and to subsequent check-ups and enquiries made by myself, I have been treated with the highest level of professionalism and compassion from everyone with whom I have been in contact. I would also like to commend Dr Sharma and his surgical team in particular: their steadfast level of care before, during and after the surgery has been truly first class. Furthermore, whilst I appreciate that no services such as those which you provide may exist without their faults, I can only report to have no conceivable recommendation of improvement for your services, or at least none that would make a tremendous difference to the truly excellent level of service I received. Finally, I would not at all hesitate to recommend your Organisation to any and all persons who may be served by the London Ophthalmology Centre. “

Patient Name: Mr Paul Obi, Nigeria
Procedure: Bilateral Pterygium excision with MMC 0.04% and conjunctival autograft, 8/0 vicryl under Topical anaesthesia in April 2016
Outcome VA improved to 6/6 n5 unaided in both eyes


“I was referred to Dr. Sharma by my GP who felt it was time to treat this condition. Dr. Sharma confirmed this diagnosis and told me that I should chose a convenient time to do the surgery as I would then be unable to swim for 6 weeks. Since the summer was ahead of us, we agreed that I would have the surgery in October and the Doctor confirmed that it was OK to delay it till then. While I was away in the sun, I needed some advice on a couple of occasions, and every time I sent an e mail, it was promptly answered with the correct and easy to understand answers. This made me feel very good and reinforced my choice to have the surgery done at your center.

The surgery itself was impeccable. Dr. Sharma was reassuring, took his time to explain everything and helped me make my choices regarding the different possibilities of grafts and stitches as well as medicines to reduce the risks of recurrence. The post operation visits were also pleasant, and I felt that the doctor was always available to return my calls if I needed reassurance.

I would not hesitate to recommend your centre, or Dr. Sharma for whom I have nothing but praise and admiration.

Thank you and your team for a great experience “

Patient Name: Karim Souki
Procedure: Bilateral Pterygium Excision + MMC 0.01% and Amniotic Membrane Graft
Date of surgery: October 2018


Very kind when I was late and the diagnosis was clear and helpful. 10/10

Date of surgery: July 2020

Very nice people, from reception to the doctor.

Date of surgery: October 2020

Everybody was very kind, helpful and professional.

Date of surgery: November 2020


“Since 2009 when my father lost complete his vision we went, for 4 years, to all the eye hospitals in Romania, one of the “best” eye surgeons in Hungary and in Turkey at the biggest eye hospital in Europe. Everywhere we got the same answer “nothing can be done on my father’s eyes, he will not see again”. This answer was a “disaster” for all of us. I have carried on looking for other hospitals or eye surgeons. Looking on internet for glaucoma treatment and corneal transplant I found on London OC’s website something interesting that made me to call and ask for an appointment. I have booked the plane for my father and went to London OC for consultation. We meet there Mr. Sharma (my father’s surgeon). He explained us that the situation is very difficult because one eye was completely lost and the other was very affected by glaucoma and the previous treatments.
We had two options: 1 to wait for the second eye to die and my father will lose his vision forever, 2 to try to operate the eye with minimum chances and lose the money in case of failure. We decided to go for operation with any cost. Because the chance of success was minimum Mr. Sharma made a discount of 40%.
We have been treated very well by hole staff of hospital and because my father couldn’t speak any English I have been accepted even in theatre to translate the communication between my father and Mr. Sharma.
Today, in 2015, after over one year, my father can walk alone, he doesn’t hit the walls and the doors at home and can enjoy again the Sun rise every day.
I personally recommend Mr. Sharma and London Ophthalmology Centre to everyone with any eye problem.
Thank you Mr. Sharma and thanks to all of your staff.”

Patient Name: Adrian


“Right from my first consultation, I was quite nicely received by you.
And on meeting Dr. Sharma, my very first impression was about how very courteous and humane (down-to-earth) he is.
Dr Sharma exudes a profoundly natural charisma and congeniality which spontaneously imparts so much comfort and confidence in a patient.
He made me feel quite comfortable about my case; answering all my queries and literally diffusing my anxieties.
His explanation and course of treatment was quite thorough, clear and very easily comprehensible. In fact, part of my comfort being with him came from the confidence I got through the thoroughness of my eye examination and the subsequent detailed report he sent to me.
And since having the operation, the aftercare that I have received has been consistently FIRST CLASS. I would say that Dr Sharma possesses the mythical “Midas Touch” in eye care!
I always feel so much at ease whenever I meet him. He makes me feel more like a “mate” rather than just a patient. Both in his personality and professionally, Dr Sharma is just an extraordinarily nice guy; a “superb gentleman” and a pure genius in his work. He leaves no stone unturned in achieving the very best that one can have in eye care.
Dr Sharma’s all round manner of approach is just impeccably impressive!!
My experience at the London Ophthalmology Centre has been most rewarding and I have absolutely no reservation whatsoever in recommending the clinic as the ultimate in eye care.
May God continue to bless Dr Sharma abundantly with the wisdom in his profession.
He is simply one-of-a-kind!”

Patient Name: Leonard George
Procedure: pterygium excision and MMC
Result VA 6/6 Cornea epithelisation 90%, good graft uptake



“Mr Vik Sharma carried out sight correcting surgery for me and my two daughters and we have nothing but the highest praise for our experiences as his patients.

His attention to our well-being throughout the process – from the initial consultation, through to surgery and aftercare has been exemplary. He not only took us through the procedure, benefits, risks, outcomes carefully but also used layman terms making the medicine easier to understand. He answered all our questions and we never felt rushed.

Vik Sharma is clearly very skilled in his area of expertise but this is matched by his professionalism and his attentive care towards his patients needs. I was very nervous in proceeding with the surgery but had all my concerns allayed by Mr Sharma and his excellent team.

I would like to forward my deepest gratitude for transforming my life and would recommend Vik Sharma to anyone considering treatments relating to their sight.

Kind regards

Patient Name: Meenu, Deepika And Shivani Gangahar
Procedure: Cataract surgery and Bilateral ICLS

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