While you can exercise the other muscles in your body, it may not seem like a feasible reality that you can work out your eyes. But in fact, there are a wide variety of exercises that you may do in order to improve your eyesight. By doing these exercises, you will strengthen your eyes and be able to maintain good eyesight for more of your life.

Good eye sight is one of the most important parts of carrying out the activities of your everyday life. But from staring at bright screens to the normal changes that come with age, it may prove difficult to keep your eyesight at a perfect twenty – twenty. However, as an expert ophthalmologist in London will tell you, there are steps that you can take to try to improve your eyesight.

Eye Circles

One great way to really work your eye muscles and strengthen them is by doing eye circles. These exercises may be very tiring for your eyes, but they are tiring in a way that shows your muscles are really being worked. For this exercise, you need to keep your eyes open for the entire time unless you are in the midst of a rest period.

Open your eyes and put your body into any position that is comfortable for you. Move your eyes in a big circle in either direction while keeping your body still and your eyes opened. Move your eyes in twenty circles to this direction. After these twenty repetitions, take a ten second rest period where you may close your eyes. Once you open your eyes again, move your eyes in twenty circles to the opposite direction.

Cover One Eye

Just like with any other form of exercise, isolation can be very helpful when trying to strengthen certain muscles in your eye. Even though both of your eyes should be splitting the responsibility of allowing you to see more clearly, sometimes one eye may end up having less strength than the other. This eye isolating and strengthening exercise can help to equalize and strengthen the muscles in each of your eyes individually.

To do this exercise, take your hand and cover one of your eyes, just like they ask you to do at an ophthalmologist London clinic. By using your hand to cover one of your eyes, you do not need to pay any mental energy to trying to shut one eye, and you can therefore focus all your energy on strengthening one eye. Focus one eye on an object. Focus on this object for at least thirty seconds of time. Close this eye and repeat this activity three times. Then do the same thing with the other eye.

Warm Them

When you work out your body, it naturally gets warmer. This increase in body temperature allows you to burn more calories and build more muscle. By warming up your eyes, you can help to improve the effectiveness of your vision. While you should by no means put hot water on your eyes, here is an incredibly safe and effective way for you to warm up your eyes and ultimately strengthen them.

Create heat by taking your hands and rubbing them together until they begin to feel warm. Once both of your hands are warm, place your warm hands gently on both of your eyes. Leave your warm hands here for five seconds and repeat this action several times. In this gentle, warming way, you will safely heat your eyes and strengthen them.

Eye Crunches

Although it may not seem like a possibility, you are able to work out your eyes the same way that you exercise your core. To get more defined abs, you can do many crunches. There is a safe and strengthening way to do some eye crunches to help to strengthen the muscles in your eyes.  

Sit up straight in a position that feels free and relaxed in your entire body. Focus on one point across the room and squint your eyes so that you feel a small amount of safe contraction in your eyes. Hold this tense position for only four seconds so that you make sure you do not injure yourself. After those four seconds, blink several times and then rest for five seconds.

Only repeat this exercise around five times during the day. All eye exercises should only be completed to a very non-strenuous extent because you do not want to inadvertently injure your eyes. By completing all these eye exercises, it will not guarantee that all your vision problems will be solved, but it will serve to strengthen your eyes. Stronger eyes will only help you as you look, clearly, into the future.

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