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NEW INTERPRETOR Service for all our international patients is available now for most languages!!!!!


NEW  LASER Assisted  surgery now available – ask for more details

NEW HD IOLs give patients more options for lens choice after  Cataract surgery –

MULTIFOCAL refractive HD IOLs and TRIFOCAL IOLs offer HD exceeding quality in vision- Contact us now as we offer not only the latest, but proven, implants for life-long quality vision!

Remember our cataract surgery is undertaken only by experienced consultant surgeons who comfortably perform the procedure using the latest techniques and without any injections or needles, in under 20 minutes in over 95% of cases.

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Sulcoflex MULTI focal lens implants

The Sulcoflex Multifocal lens can provide reading vision without glasses for patients that have had standard cataract surgery in the past and currently depend on glasses to be able to read.
The lens is designed for placement behind the iris of eyes that have previously received a standard monofocal lens. The optical principles are the same as the standard multifocal intraocular lens, but the lens is thinner and designed to rest easily in between the iris and the previously implanted monofocal lens.

• New multifocal injectable lenses are now available!

These lenses are custom matched for your eyes so you can see near and far without ever needing your spectacles again!

To find out more about the latest injectable, anti-glare lenses that will last your lifetime and give you excellent vision, click here for more details

• New IOLs for macular degeneration

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Glaucoma News:

The latest successful surgical techniques are available now, to increase drainage of fluid and lower pressure.

• New Glaucoma Treatments and Research

Microtube Implants :

iStent and Express Surgery-new minimally invasive techniques for safer and quicker surgery!

Laser Study 
The most sophisticated and latest lasers are being used to treat high pressure in the eyes. This is allowing patients to do away with some, if not all of their eye drops.

Currently the study is in progress at a major teaching hospital in London, and for further information you can contact the study coordinator, our consultant ophthalmologist, Mr. V. Sharma.

Corneal thickness
Recent studies have shown that eye pressure machines previously thought of as extremely accurate can be completely unreliable if the thickness of the cornea has not been taken into account.

All patients at LondonOC will have a corneal thickness measurement recorded so we can accurately assess pressure. The measurement is painlessly taken by the latest such device – a handheld Pachymeter!

Nerve Fibre analysis
Never before possible, here at LondonOC we have the latest research and diagnostic tools, so we can monitor your health with even greater confidence. We can accurately show you how the nerves at the back of your eye are working and if any damage has occurred.

• Latest Medical Retina and Macular Degeneration Treatments

New VIP telescopic lens implants which magnifies image and diverts the light rays to use healthy retina to see better!

New treatments, including Lucentis and Avastin, that not only halt, but improve macular degeneration, are available now!

Our medical retina doctors have been responsible for many world-class research projects on ARMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration), so their experience and knowledge is invaluable in the London Ophthalmology Centre’s pursuit of excellence in eye care.