Refractive lens exchange is a surgical treatment that can be used on patients that are suffering from extreme vision problems. One of the most common conditions that refractive lens exchange is used to treat is a cataract.

Cataract is a disease that affects the eye, causing the natural lens to become misty. During the surgery the natural lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens to improve vision and reduce the patient’s dependence on glasses. Refractive lens surgery is different to other cataract surgeries, as they only focus on removing the mistiness.

When choosing to have refractive lens exchange at LondonOC, our team will talk through the different lens that are available and how it will work for your individual needs. Here are some of the benefits that our patients see:

  • Around 80% of patients will no longer have to wear glasses after treatment. For those that still need glasses they will usually see an improvement in vision and only need glasses for certain activities
  • Many of our patients describe the treatment as life changing, with almost 100% of patients being satisfied with the outcome
  • Many people would recommend this over laser vision correction

Who qualifies for refractive lens exchange?

This treatment is suitable for all patients over the age of 50 that have to rely on glasses for day-to-day use. This is suitable for long sightedness (hyperopia), short sightedness (myopia) and people with astigmatism. If you have a pre-existing problem that affects the eye health you may not be suitable, however we will go over the other treatment options with you.

Like all surgeries, this treatment does come with risks, despite these it is a relatively safe procedure. We will make sure that you understand every aspect of the surgery and have all your questions answered before you go ahead.

Please contact our clinic if you would like to enquire about refractive lens exchange.