Despite the numerous advancements in eye care and treatments, many people still suffer from less than perfect vision, eye-related diseases, and an overall lack of eye care. This can often be attributed to the numerous providers that do not provide comprehensive enough care or provide too many differing opinions on the proper route for care. This makes seeking out eye care that is right for you incredibly frustrating and disheartening

The London Ophthalmology Centre declares no more of this frustration in the search for reliable eye care. So, why choose LondonOC? We have been named the best eye hospital in the UK and are a team of eye care consultants led by Doctor Vik Sharma.

One of the main aspects of our centre is the emphasis placed on consultant only service. We aren’t just a hospital that is consultant led. Our clinic is run by the top eye surgeons in the UK, many of whom hold prestigious teaching positions in some of the major teaching hospitals. We do not have any non-consultant grade or junior doctors here. Every member is a specialist who is fully accredited and experienced. Our comprehensive services can help patients who are suffering from glaucoma issues or cataract surgeries and implants to improve vision, all provided at an unmatched level of care and expertise.


This is an eye disease that can be undetectable right up to the point that it causes permanent damage to the eye. In typical cases, it is the result of too much pressure in the eye, which squeezes the optical nerve. There are a number of variations of this disease, some of which do not involve the pressure aspect, which makes it challenging to detect. Hereditary factors can influence this too, but glaucoma is something that can affect anyone at any time.

Glaucoma can be treated using eye drops and laser treatments, and although non-invasive, neither of these solutions are permanent. At the London Ophthalmology Centre, we have introduced a revolutionary two-minute procedure that doesn’t involve any stitching or cutting, and yet is far more efficient than the traditional micro implants utilised in treating glaucoma conditions.


Often known as a skin or film that has grown over the eye, a cataract is the term for when the natural lens inside of the eye is either less clear in its appearance or is cloudy. A cataract also is not age specific, which is another misconception. It is something that can happen with age, but also due to diabetes, genetics or even trauma.

To help clients benefit from full range vision, the London Ophthalmology Centre has access to all the newest intraocular lenses that are available on today’s market. When undergoing cataract surgery, the natural lens of the eye is replaced by one of these intraocular lenses. Since it is an irreversible process, it’s important that the chosen lenses are of the highest quality, which is what patients can expect from our Centre’s selection. Also in the past, treating cataracts often required a painful procedure. But at our Centre, we utilise micro-incision and laser enhanced surgery that is pain-free and able to be completed in ten minutes, all without requiring sedation.

Refractive Lens Implants

One of the biggest pushes today in eye care convenience is removing the need for glasses for patients. While glasses themselves were an enormous leap forward to improve personalised vision for consumers, the technology has arrived to downsize glasses in the form of ocular lens improvement or replacement. Most surgeries that claim patients can be glasses-free involve permanently changing the shape of the cornea to redirect the way that light is focused on. While a wondrous feat, this solution may not be best for every patient.

The treatment that we provide at the Centre focuses on the improvement of vision and the length of time that this improvement lasts, all without cutting the central cornea. Our focus on improving a patient’s visual acuity, not just the visual quality, is what sets us apart from the competition.

In addition, the common technique in the industry is a laser-based solution, which although permanent, can include extensive healing time and potentially unpleasant side effects. These side effects include dry eyes, healing time for the flap to reattach to the eye, and an uncomfortable surgery. At the Centre, our high definition vision is a procedure that goes beyond what a laser-based solution can do. It is entirely reversible, and takes only five minutes, using anaesthetic eye drops. It is a treatment that improves vision with greater dimension and depth, allowing patients to enjoy clearer and sharper vision nearly immediately.  And, if you happen to be older than forty-five, the Centre has an additional option more suited to you: Refractive Lens Exchange

Another downside to laser-based surgeries is that, despite the reshaping of the cornea, at a certain age a patient can still expect to need multifocal lenses. At the London Ophthalmology Centre, our refractive lens exchange is the solution to maintaining independence from glasses, even with ageing. As an added benefit, patients who opt for this improvement will never have to deal with developing cataracts, as the natural lens of the eye is replaced with a bifocal or trifocal intraocular lens.

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When ocular surgery is required, you want your eyes in reliable care. Our team, led by Doctor Vik Sharma, has proven results, and our knowledge and skills are attested to by our numerous positive client experiences. The London Ophthalmology Centre is dedicated to providing the best care and latest improvements in eye surgery to our patients. We believe in a transparent fee structure, and in-depth consultations so that patients can be informed about the kind of care that they need. We don’t require a referral from a patient’s general practitioner, unlike most surgical eye centres, and our centre is authorised by favoured insurance companies. In striving to make your experience the best possible, we go above and beyond in our commitment to service. With access to your surgeon before, during and after your care, we urge you to call and schedule an appointment today, so that you can honestly see the difference in service.