Why Seek Private Treatment

Apart from no waiting time for surgery and consults with a consultant surgeon, there are many reasons for having treatment at LondonOC. Our operating theatre is in the same building as the clinic so you are in familiar surroundings, and do not have to travel elsewhere. We have no trainees, no compromise in equipment and tests, and no reason for you not to expect the best.

The Clinic Experience
  • You will always be seen by a fully accredited Consultant and not by a trainee working under a Consultant’s supervision, and at every clinic visit, you should be seen by the same Consultant, ensuring continuity and quality of care.
  • The consultation will be in a relaxed and comfortable environment where you will have time to ask all the questions you need and get the correct, most up to date answers. We have the latest diagnostic equipment in-house so there will be no waiting for tests – it’s all done on the same day!
  • Your Consultant has the desired training and qualifications in his area of sub specialism – that is guaranteed! We have retinal, cataract, and glaucoma specialists along with the full support of plastic surgeons, and dermatologists to ensure that you get the best possible care. All our consultants will be available to answer any questions and are contactable even after your visit.
The Surgical Experience
  • Your surgery will be performed by the same Consultant who has seen you in the clinic rather than by a trainee surgeon
  • A choice of the best intraocular lens implants will be available
  • For all extra-ocular procedures, we only use single-use, disposable instruments
  • Our IN HOUSE day-case theatres are built to a high specification with stringent infection controls. We have not had any case of MRSA or any other ‘superbugs’
  • Following surgery, the Consultant who carried out your operation will see you at your post-operative visit.
  • He/she will also be easily contactable should you have any worries or concerns in the immediate post-operative period.

We pride ourselves in providing high quality, bespoke service. Our surgeons have a personal responsibility in running the centre and are involved in all stages of your care. We do not ship surgeons in from abroad or have overseas qualified doctors who do not have substantive NHS positions. 

If you have any questions, our surgeons are always on hand to answer them for you.

At LondonOC we believe that quality is achieved through continuous improvement and monitoring of our performance, based on the experiences of our clients and the outcome of our treatments.  All our treatments’ outcomes are audited in continuous pursuit of excellence in clinical practice and client service.

If you’re worried about your vision contact us and we can discuss and eye health check for you.