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"Things are getting smaller! And replacement lenses are getting more precise! As an eye surgeon, compelled to create positive outcomes for my patients, in my opinion we are in one of the most exciting times that I have ever seen for eyes. Technology is bringing us ultimate precision in a minimally invasive surgical environment, providing life changing optimised results for your eyes. But what does this mean for you? If you are having vision problems, if you have cataracts, are worried about a family history of glaucoma or are juggling glasses you might not be aware of the options that are now available to you.
The most advanced of these treatment developments is lens replacement and it is designed to last 100 years. That means your vision is restored perfectly for the rest of your life without glasses. This is life-changing for people who experience it. I’m going to outline the developments that excite me the most to make you aware of the great advances technology is making for eyes in the world right now."

- Vik Sharma

Vik Sharma

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