Vision Correction with ICL

ICL can help you achieve sharp, clear vision that gives you the freedom to see the world without glasses or contact lenses. ICL or implantable Contact Lens is a revolutionary step for vision correction surgery. Unlike LASIK or PRK it is both removable and reversible, gives UV protection to the eye, doesn’t require any corneal tissue to be removed and doesn’t contribute to dry eye syndrome.

This procedure is not only minimally invasive but takes just 30 minutes. The implantable lens is designed to sit over the natural lens of the eye and results in clear, sharp, better than 20/20 vision. The beauty of ICLs is that they are soft and flexible so very easy to implant and you wouldn’t even know it is in your eye – except that your vision is great!

The “High Definition Vision” delivered by an ICL makes this proven, technologically advanced procedure the choice for patients who need and expect high quality results. In fact, the U.S. military has embraced the ICL because of the reliable visual clarity it achieves. The ICL option is clearly the choice for patients with an active lifestyle and those who cannot accept anything less than the highest quality vision.

The lens itself is made from a Collamer® which is a biocompatible, stable and flexible material which does not react with the eye, making it very safe to insert.

The procedure is quick and painless and performed as a day case procedure. Prior to the procedure you will undergo an eye examination to measure your eye for the procedure. Just before the procedure your ophthalmologist will put some drops in your eye to to dilate your pupil and anaesthetise your eye for the ICL procedure. During the procedure your ophthalmologist will create a small opening at the base of your cornea. The ICL will be implanted via this opening. Once in place the ophthalmologist will make sure the lens is positioned correctly. You will be given some healing eye drops to take home with you. The whole thing only takes 30 minutes and is completely painless.

Not everyone is suitable for ICL but good candidates are usually:

  • Aged 21-60 years
  • Short sighted (myopia)
  • Long sighted (hyperopia)
  • Have astigmatism

To discuss vision correction with ICL please contact our team.

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