glaucoma surgery faq
February 3, 2021 Glaucoma Surgery FAQs

Some of the common glaucoma surgery FAQs we see: What is a trabeculectomy? It is an operation performed to treat glaucoma. The...

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Exercise your vision
December 9, 2020 Exercise your vision

Keep your eyes healthy and exercise your vision! Research shows that regular exercise may reduce the change of sight loss that can...

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Education and links
December 7, 2020 Education and links

Free educational Seminars for GPs and Optoms coming soon. Please get in touch and we will put you on our mailing list....

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Why private treatment?
December 7, 2020 Why private treatment?

Why Seek Private Treatment Apart from no waiting time for surgery and consults with a consultant surgeon, there are many reasons for having treatment...

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glaucoma care
December 7, 2020 Glaucoma care

Glaucoma is an eye disease which can go undetected right up to the point at which your eyes have suffered permanent damage....

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Cataracts overview
November 27, 2020 Cataracts overview

Overview Cataracts is the name given to the natural lens inside the eye when it has become cloudy or less clear in...

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Cataract Surgery
November 26, 2020 Surgery for Cataracts

Having surgery for cataracts can be a scary prospect. However, there is no reason to be afraid, as LondonOC has invested heavily...

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Glaucoma - An overview
November 24, 2020 Glaucoma – An overview

What is glaucoma? Glaucoma is a disease that can threaten your vision and impact your daily life. It is the leading cause...

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Glaucoma Treatment Options
November 24, 2020 Glaucoma Treatment Options

Treatments and surgery for Glaucoma Finding out you have glaucoma might come as a shock especially if you don’t have any typical...

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February 3, 2020 News

Read what our patients are telling the National Press!(click to read) Patient Seminars – Discuss your options with the surgeons for free!...

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Cataracts FAQs
February 3, 2020 Cataracts FAQs

This information tells you about an operation to remove a cloudy lens (a cataract) in your eye. It explains how the operation...

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why choose londonoc
February 3, 2020 Why Choose LondonOC?

Despite the numerous advancements in eye care and treatments, many people still suffer from less than perfect vision, eye-related diseases, and an...

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